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Stand Out From The Crowd: Tips From a 35 Year Recruiter

By: Chuck Szajkovics

As a recruiter, I spend much of my day on LinkedIn. I’m searching terms related to my job searches, finding possible candidates, reading their profiles and reaching out when someone sticks out. So, how do you do that? How do you get me or MR/MS Recruiter to contact you for a job opportunity? It turns out it’s easy to really stand out from the crowd.

First, you need to start with your qualifications. Many of the profiles I find are missing some basic information. Imagine you were telling your friend/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend what it is you do every day. Write that down. That is your job description. Don’t worry about using all the technical terms of the exact type of analysis you do. Simply write down a quick overview of what you do and what you do well. It’s not hard, but it’s very often overlooked. So many people write a job title and that’s it. If you give 1 -3 sentences about what you do you are already ahead of the game. I also recommend you list the computer programs you have experience with. AutoCAD, Revit, CATIA and others are some of the first things on any job description and when you say what you have experience with it stands out right way. It’s a very fast way for a recruiter to know you have valuable experience.

Beyond technical expertise, it comes down to personality.

Bring your personality to your profile! Most recruiters are in this job because we like people! We appreciate when someone tells us how got they to where they are, what motivates them, and what their goals are. This is all great info to put into your profile page. What are your hobbies? We have worked with engineers who have some fun and off the wall after work activities. If you’re a mechanical engineer who build cars for fun, that’s a great fact for us to tell our clients. You will not only stand out to the recruiter, but also to the hiring manager. It shows an interest in your specialty beyond simply being a job. It shows a passion that every company wants to see in their employees.

A large number of people update their LinkedIn profile when they change companies or get a major promotion, but otherwise ignore it. LinkedIn is the largest database of business professionals in the world, and if you want to attract professionals who do their homework, understand your experience and reach out to you as appropriate, you need to invest as much time in your brand as you would expect someone to invest when looking to contact you. You want people who are professionals reaching out to you, you need to show that you are a professional as well. Some great places to start would be to list any conferences you have gone to so you can show that you are active in the community of your industry. Think of any training you have done for new tools or programs, have you studied emerging trends or learned about new technology in your space.

These are all great topics that show you are working to keep up as your industry is growing and evolving. Recruiters and hiring managers want to find people who will being industry knowledge to their companies, if you show you are working to keep up with changes you will instantly standout.

None of this is a guarantee that you will magically make a recruiter appear with a job, but little things help. When it comes down to several, similar candidates with equal experience, the more you can stand out the better chance you have of getting the recruiters attention. Every little bit counts. Happy Job Searching!

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